1. yossi

    Balancing Facial serum,
    I’m using this product for over a year now, and I’m absolutely in love with it! It made my skin much better, in every way, smother, brighter, less spots, no more dry skin on my face, it balances the oily parts of my skin, I recommend it to anyone with oily to combination skin, also works well with acne prone skin.
    I also recommend using the normal to combination face moisturizer with it, it completes the treatment and keeps your skin soft and smooth!

  2. Daniel

    After using the buffer I realized my nails are much healthier and I don’t even need nail polish! I have 3 children and my hands are constantly in water what makes nail polish chip and peel after 3 days. With the nail buffer my nails look great even after 10 days! You’ve made my life easier and taking care of my nails fun, I even buff my 15 year olds nails. Thank you Seacret!

  3. liron

    The buffer is great but what I like best is the cuticle oil and body lotion that came with it. My dry cuticles are long gone and my hands just can’t get enough of the great lotion, my favorite fragrance is the pomegranate, I’ve been back twice to purchase another lotion.

  4. mor

    I got the set for Christmas this year and LOVE IT! Great product that’s easy to use and gives immediate results. Love the buffer and the cuticle oil.


  5. The perfect manicure pack I ever had
    I tried so many buffers in the past but never being 100% satisfied
    SEACRET’S nail kit just amazed me.
    In this hot summer days it’s the first Body lotion that keep my skin moist without any sticky feeling.
    I need to use the Buffer only one time in two weeks !!! my nails are strong beautiful and shiny
    I don’t need to worry about nail polish anymore.
    The cuticle oil is the one that do the real different ,my hands just look and feel GREAT .
    Thank you SEACRET ,


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